How prayer works

We are all one constantly moving body of energy.  Positive energy attracts positive energy.  What is good is positive and will be broadcast to all positive receptors.  This is how prayer works.

We experience these situations all the time.  When we are thinking of someone we love, they think of us.  They may even call.  Many times we say, “I was just thinking of you.”

God’s energy is all encompassing

As I shared earlier, we often experience instances where several people in different locations will come up with the same thoughts at the same time.  This is no coincidence.  God’s energy is all encompassing.  It knows no distance.  Everyone who has their antennas up will be able to receive His blessings.  Positive thoughts are positive energy; they create a huge bridge between Godly individuals.   -Ron Ash

My GGS (God Guidance System)

The first printed copies of “The Apostle’s Recipe for Happiness” were delivered to my house on March 11, 2009.  The 11s have always been my signs that I am on the right path and things are happening as they should.  Last week I had been out and about, stopping at various area book stores, and introducing myself.  The samples I dropped off where all gladly accepted with a “God bless you!”  They may never know how much strength comes into my soul every time I hear that.  It was very enjoyable to interact with so many passionate people adamant about sharing the Word with the masses.  It turned out to be a perfect example of letting go and letting God.  I’m still following my GGS (God Guidance System) and it is still bringing the right opportunities and people into my life.  -Ron Ash

Endorsement for “The Apostle’s Recipe for Happiness”

Hi Ron,

I read your book last night and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This is a book that everyone should read who is interested in building a godly character. I read it in one evening and couldn’t put it down. 

May you be richly blessed and abundantly satisfied in His presence. 

Gary Sigler, Kingdom Resources

We will never finish the book if we get stuck on the same chapter.

We will never finish the book if we get stuck on the same chapter. (Ron Ash)

Many times we get stuck in the past and concentrate on it so fully that we put the future on hold indefinitely.  The energy which we exert on rehearsing or visualizing the past causes us to miss out on the future.  In this we chose to forfeit the rest of God’s plan for us and put off our ultimate destiny.  -Ron Ash

It is all how we look at things.

It is all in how we look at things.  I wrote a great example in “The Apostle’s Recipe for Happiness” called “Storm Days.”  In this story a multitude of negative events had taken place in the day.  Finally, mentally and physically drained I stood still at the end of my eight car driveway.  It was me, my driveway and a plastic snow shovel.  It was just after midnight when I began to see things as they really were and found so many things to be thankful for right down to that shovel.  As this occurred to me and I thanked God an incredible power came over me and I was filled with Spirit.  All my pain left my body and soul.  I was engulfed with an incredible energy and thought, “Time and patience.  All I will need is time and patience.”

In gratitude I found strength.  The hallway was shortened.  The door to the next level in my journey was right in front of me.  That snow shovel was not just a tool for that storm, that storm was a tool for a lifetime.

Empathy is the hallway and love is the doorway.  -Ron Ash

Passing Through the Flame…

Many use the analogy of passing through flames unscathed.  In this it is exhibited that when we are under the anointing of God’s love we are protected.  We will pass through the flames of life’s misfortune without being harmed.  However, when we concentrate on the fire it is intensified.

It makes me wonder about that whole walking across hot coals thing.  It is probably one of the most well known “mind over matter” examples of all times.  My friend Heather had the experience not long ago, but I never investigated her experience.  All I remember was the excitement in her voice when she told me the string of experiences she had over that week away.  I can only guess, from my experiences with other things, that it would only be possible for one who could convince themselves that the coals were cool and soothing to the flesh. 

So how would we apply this concept to our everyday lives?  Maybe we would convince ourselves that we enjoy a coworker we can’t stand.  Perhaps we look at a long drive to work as a chance to be alone and meditate on what we want our lives to be, practice visualization or state our affirmations.  In this we have transformed the negative chore into the positive opportunity for self improvement.   -Ron Ash