The Passion will Flow

This is the plan which has been created by the creator and put into the hand of those who create.  Follow the guidelines, instructions and recipe for All.  This is the truth, the wisdom, the love and the light which will guide us along the path for which we are intended to follow.  The passion will flow greatly when we adhere to the light and fear will be strong in our hearts as we wander.  It is in feeling that we shall see and it is in seeing that we shall be.

(Prophecy delivered by Apostle Ron)

It Is As It Is

It is as it is.  It was as it was.  It will be all that it is to be.  Today is real, our dreams are real. Our thoughts bring forth things.  It is in our minds which our consciousness exists.  It is within our consciousness engraved that the seed is planted.  Rising through the top layer of the most fertile soil comes forth the greatest of dreams, the fruit of our spirit it grows toward the nourishing light which will call out the greatest of fruit which will feed many nations and bring forth many seed.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)

In Many Ways

Seek knowledge, receive wisdom and allow for the things asked for to be received in all forms.  For us these gifts will come to us in many.  There are no coincidences.  There are only signs and messengers.  See them, follow them and understand them.  It is the way which it has been and always shall be.  By our will be done as in the kingdom as is on earth as is by He.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)

All Is Good

It is good all is good things are wonderful, purposeful and incredible.  This time is of the greatest times of all which humanity interprets as time.  It is in this incredible place that we are given contrast.  In contrast comes forth wanting and through wanting manifests change.  It is all for a purpose the greatest of purpose the most incredible of purpose that we go forth to create construct and contemplate these things.  Our thoughts and imaginations and dreams are all visions which give steam to our manifestations.  It is through this that All shall come and the One shall flourish.  The path is clear in the Word which is given.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)

The Fruit of Truth

For as we as seed are carried along by a gentle breeze to the most fertile soil it will be done.  These seed will find their home, their place, their space to fill with the goodness which must come forth to nourish the world the universe the All and the One.  It is the fruit of truth, knowledge, wisdom and love that shall do great things, make great changes and feed the All and the One.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)

This Great Journey

As we continue this great journey that we must all partake we will be given all that we need.  Necessities will be provided to us in many ways.  People and places and things will come into our lives, cross our paths and push us along ever so gently onto the path for which we are intended to follow.  Have trust and faith and be fruitful. (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)

The truth of all things…

This is the truth of all things, in all things and of all things.  For as the summer turns to the fall and fall becomes winter in faith spring follows.  It is in the changing of the seasons and as the day turns to night that we expect what is expected.  So too it is that we believe in our hearts of which the soul resides and in knowing truth are given the key to unity.

(Prophecy delivered by Apostle Ron)

And may the God of peace Himself sanctify you through and through [separate you from profane things, make you pure and wholly consecrated to God]; and may your spirit and soul and body be preserved sound and complete [and found] blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (the Messiah).

(1 Thessalonians 5:23 AMP)


From love comes all and of all is love.  It is through the truth that all goodness comes and as such in purity and goodness is the love of the world. This world which I speak exists within and without.  It is above and below.  It comes forth and from all things of the One.  It is here whether we acknowledge it or not.  Whatever the case, IT IS always working towards creation coming into creation and continuing to create.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)

In One is Many; In Many is One…

We seek what we wish to find and ignore what is meant to be found in our own arrogance.  It is in the depths of our own misunderstanding that we pretend to understand.  In this we have given ourselves to sin and have thus come to be punished by them.  It is a walk of an adulterous spirit which fails to see what is shown, hear what is spoken and feel what is here and now.  For in all things there is no one thing and in one thing there are many.  It has been written and it has been sung and it has been created to facilitate All that is to be.  The NOW is the time and the place and the existence of all that is real of all that is true of all that is love.  (Prophecy delivered by Ron Ash)